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DNA of several spotted fever group rickettsiae was found in ticks in Israel. The findings include evidence for the existence of Rickettsia africae and Candidatus Rickettsia barbariae in ticks in Israel. The DNA of R. africae was detected in a Hyalomma detritum tick from a wild boar and DNA of C. Rickettsia barbariae was detected in Rhipicephalus turanicus(More)
InSaccharomyces cerevisiae, most of the cellular chitin is produced by chitin synthase III, which requires the product encoded by theCSD2/CAL1/DIT101/KT12 gene. We have identified, isolated and structurally characterized aCSD2/CAL1/DIT101/KT12 homologue in the filamentous ascomyceteNeurospora crassa and have used a “reverse genetics” approach to determine(More)
We report molecular evidence for the presence of spotted fever group rickettsiae (SFGR) in ticks collected from roe deer, addax, red foxes, and wild boars in Israel. Rickettsia aeschlimannii was detected in Hyalomma marginatum and Hyalomma detritum while Rickettsia massiliae was present in Rhipicephalus turanicus ticks. Furthermore, a novel uncultured SFGR(More)
Chitin is a structural component of morphologically distinct structures assembled during various phases of growth and development in filamentous fungi. In Neurospora crassa, at least three different DNA fragments related to chitin synthase have been identified. In this study we cloned, sequenced and characterized the chitin synthase 2 structural gene(More)
S OF PAPERS PRESENTED AT THE 8TH CONFERENCE OF THE E N T O M O L O G I C A L S O C I E T Y OF I S R A E L Basic and Applied Research on Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) of Agricultural Importance in Israel
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