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In this paper, we propose a novel method of removal of baseline wander noise from a noisy ECG signal. We have shown that the original (clean) ECG signal can be modeled as a 2<sup>nd</sup> order fractional Brownian motion (fBm) process, while the baseline wander noise can be modeled as a 1<sup>st</sup> order fBm process. We use the eigenvectors of the(More)
Keywords: Microstructured reactors Liquid–liquid slug-flow Numbering-up Mass transfer Process intensification a b s t r a c t Microstructured reactors are known to provide high heat and mass transfer rates for liquid–liquid two-phase systems when used as a single channel. For industrial scale production, scale-up of microstructured reactors is essential to(More)
Numerous sequencing projects have unveiled partial and full microbial genomes. The data produced far exceeds one person's analytical capabilities and thus requires the power of computing. A significant amount of work has focused on the diversity of statistical characteristics along microbial genomic sequences, e.g. codon bias, G+C content, the frequencies(More)
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