Adham R. Ramadan

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The seafloor is a unique environment, which allows insights into how geochemical processes affect the diversity of biological life. Among its diverse ecosystems are deep-sea brine pools - water bodies characterized by a unique combination of extreme conditions. The 'polyextremophiles' that constitute the microbial assemblage of these deep hot brines have(More)
This paper presents a technique to improve the power added efficiency (PAE) of GaN power amplifiers by an appropriate shaping of the gate source voltage waveform. The proposed technique is based on second harmonic injection at the transistor input. It is applied here to a 15W GaN HEMT die from Cree that has been characterized using an harmonic load pull(More)
For the last four decades, viability of photocatalytic degradation of organic compounds in water streams has been demonstrated. Different configurations for solar TiO 2 photocatalytic reactors have been used, however pilot and demonstration plants are still countable. Degradation efficiency reported as a function of treatment time does not answer the(More)
A structured model of bioreactor for an activated sludge process was presented. The stability and bifurcation characteristics of the model are investigated, the bifurcation analysis of the model shows static and complex dynamic behavior (periodic and complex) over a wide range of the model parameters. The model exhibits a new interesting behavior (in some(More)
Activities have been carried out to determine the best electrical operating conditions of GaN HEMT that enable maximum power added efficiency at L-Band for Switch Mode Power Amplifiers (class F, inverse class F and class E). Satellite Radio navigation applications (Galileo) are targeted. Maximization of power added efficiency is of prime importance to save(More)
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