Adeyinka K. Akanbi

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In the Internet of Things (IoT) domain, various heterogeneous ubiquitous devices would be able to connect and communicate with each other seamlessly, irrespective of the domain. Semantic representation of data through detailed standardized annotation has shown to improve the integration of the interconnected heterogeneous devices. However, the semantic(More)
— A lot of information on the web is geographically referenced. Discovering and retrieving this geographic information to satisfy various users needs across both open and distributed Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) poses eminent research challenges. However, this is mostly caused by semantic heterogeneity in user's query and lack of semantic referencing(More)
This paper proposes a generalized 2-step continuous multistep method of hybrid type for the direct integration of second-order ordinary differential equations in a multistep collocation technique, which yields block methods. The scheme obtained is used as a single continuous form which serves as a family of formula involving) , (s x such that on(More)
Business ontology can enhance the successful development of complex enterprise system; this is being achieved through knowledge sharing and the ease of communication between every entity in the domain. Through human semantic interaction with the web resources, machines to interpret the data published in a machine interpretable form under web. However, the(More)
Technological advancement in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) has made it become an invaluable component of a reliable environmental monitoring system; they form the ’digital skin’ through which to ’sense’ and collect the context of the surroundings and provides information on the process leading to complex events such as drought. However, these environmental(More)
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