Adewale Opeoluwa Ogunde

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Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the distribution chain can be seen as Community of Core Knowledge Practitioners (CoCKPs) working together towards making profit, satisfying and meeting the needs of consumers of finished goods or products. Retailers through business transactions deal directly with the end users and are seen to better understand(More)
The study examined the detection of attacks against computer networks, which is becoming a harder problem to solve in the field of Network security. A problem with current intrusion detection systems is that they have many false positive and false negative events. Most of the existing Intrusion detection systems implemented depend on rule-based expert(More)
Virtual Knowledge Communities (VKC) are current popular media on the internet through which the access and sharing of knowledge and information among communities of similar interest groups are made possible. Agent’s technologies are presently being deployed to facilitate the success of VKC, which is a virtual place where knowledge agents can meet,(More)
Supply chain managers are trying to maximize the profitable operation of their manufacturing and distribution supply chain, but due to global competition in process industries and complexities of the supply chain processes together with large computational times, it has made optimization of supply chain management (SCM) quite difficult. Recently, Knowledge(More)
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