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This paper present a system that utilizes RSSI based trilateration approach to locate the position of blind nodes (nodes that are not aware of there positioning in the network) amongst other nodes in the network. The system automatically estimates the distance between sensor nodes by measuring the RSSI (received signal strength indicator) at an appropriate(More)
The formulation of an adaptive attitude control law with reduced number of estimated parameters is introduced for the automatic landing system of a spaceplane. Adaptive attitude control systems have been designed to obtain the control law by estimating the parameters that describe the dynamics of the vehicle and actuator. Despite the fact that the vehicle(More)
We describe the application of model predictive control (MPC) using state mapping to the automatic landing system of a spaceplane. The controller has to be designed to enable the vehicle to follow reference signals with respect to trajectory and velocity, which are expressed as functions of the downrange. To track the reference signals, a control input is(More)
60 GHz millimetre wave (mm-wave) wireless link has the potential to support applications requiring higher throughputs because of its multi-GHz unlicensed bandwidth up to 7 Gbps. This offers opportunities for uncompressed video transmission and gigabit file transfer. However, compressed version of video data stream has advantages. This paper evaluates the(More)
Transmission at 60GHz millimetre wavelengths is often prone to strong signal attenuations and disconnections when-ever objects greater than the wavelength of the propagating signal interrupts the line-of-sight. When this occurs, the network becomes unreliable and its performance is severely affected by unexpected and frequent disconnections, loss of data,(More)
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