Adetanwa I Odebiyi

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The aim of this cross-sectional study was to highlight the sociocultural beliefs and practices relating to the care and feeding of low-birthweight (LBW) babies in two rural communities in the south-west of Nigeria. Data from 60 mothers and their newborns and community care providers were collected using qualitative instruments. The 60 mothers [30 mothers of(More)
The acceptability of prenatal diagnosis (PND) of sickle cell anaemia (SCA) as a means of controlling sickle cell disorder in Nigeria was examined using a structured questionnaire. The respondents were comprised of 92 adult female patients with SCA, aged 15-20 (23 +/- 6) years; 53 HbAS mothers, aged 20-61 (37 +/- 11) years and 48 HbAS fathers, aged 33-65 (46(More)
The attitude of Nigerian mothers, mainly Yoruba, towards measles vaccine and other aspects of prevention are influenced by different perceptions of the cause of measles. There is a significant correlation between the literacy of mothers and their belief in the efficacy of measles vaccine but not between their ages and belief. The mothers' perception of(More)
This study examines AIDS awareness, knowledge of transmission and prevention among students, who not only belong to the sexually active age bracket, but who are the future leaders of the nation. The student population was stratified into those in the health and non-health disciplines and an accidental sampling technique was used to obtain the respondents(More)
This paper examines the concept and management of deafness among 98 randomly selected healers in Ile-Ife. We are concerned with deafness because in an earlier study mothers of deaf children reported that they had consulted these practitioners. All of the healers distinguished congenital and non-congenital deafness, and in their efforts to cure patients they(More)
Many STD/HIV-prevention programs worldwide assume that individuals' risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection, is highest in the context of commercial sex. To address this assumption, research conducted in urban Southwest Nigeria combined qualitative and quantitative methods to examine men's sexual behavior, condom use, and(More)
This prospective study compared the care and support provided for symptomatic HIV seropositive children of HIV serodiscordant parents (only the mother of the child is HIV infected) with children of seroconcordant parents (both parents are HIV infected) during admission and after discharge from a tertiary health institution in southwestern Nigeria.(More)
The paper addressed itself to the issue of community participation in intervention programme and that if the beneficiaries are women, then the category of people to be involved in the programme should be women. In buttressing this, the nursing superintendent of an Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) programme in Saradidi, rural Kenya together with 184(More)
Different categories of traditional healers were assessed by randomly selected Western trained nurses. Traditional birth attendants were rated as the most effective type of healers, followed by traditional psychiatrists and herbalists respectively. The least rated were the diviners, traditional bone setters and pharmacists. The majority of the nurses(More)