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This study assessed the impact of acute exposure to whole-body vibration in skin temperature of the lower limbs in healthy subjects. Twelve healthy volunteers (mean age 24.55 years) were randomly assigned to two groups and were exposed to different whole-body vibration protocols (35 Hz and 40 Hz frequency and 5-6 mm amplitude). Skin temperature was measured(More)
Anthropometry has been widely used in different fields, providing relevant information for medicine, ergonomics and biometric applications. However, the existent solutions present marked disadvantages, reducing the employment of this type of evaluation. Studies have been conducted in order to easily determine anthropometric measures considering data(More)
1. Automatizing the Online Filter Test Management for a General-Purpose Particle Detector / Torres, R C ; dos Anjos, A ; Seixas, J M Task DAQ and Trigger This paper presents a software environment to automatically configure and run online triggering and dataflow farms for the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It provides support for a(More)
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