Adepele Williams

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In 1996, Arlitt and Williamson [Arlitt et al. 1997] conducted a comprehensive workload characterization study of Internet Web servers. By analyzing access logs from 6 Web sites (3 academic, 2 research, and 1 industrial) in 1994 and 1995, the authors identified 10 invariants: workload characteristics common to all the sites that are likely to persist over(More)
In this paper, we propose a stream mining architecture which is based on a single-pass approach. Our approach can be used to develop efficient, effective, and active intrusion detection mechanisms which satisfy the near real-time requirements of processing data streams on a network with minimal overhead. The key idea is that new patterns can now be detected(More)
This paper presents a concept hierarchy-based approach to privacy preserving data collection for data mining called the P-level model. The P-level model allows data providers to divulge information at any chosen privacy level (P-level), on any attribute. Data collected at a high P-level signifies divulgence at a higher conceptual level and thus ensures more(More)
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