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BACKGROUND Bacillus spores are notoriously resistant to unfavorable conditions such as UV radiation, gamma-radiation, H2O2, desiccation, chemical disinfection, or starvation. Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032 survives standard decontamination procedures of the Jet Propulsion Lab spacecraft assembly facility, and both spores and vegetative cells of this strain(More)
A culture-fair scale that was specifically developed to compare six self-concept areas of English and Nigerian (Yoruba) adolescents was utilized in a sample of 686 adolescents. This consisted of 314 white English and 372 Yoruba adolescents whose ages ranged between 14.9 and 10.70 years. The English adolescents were found to have significantly more positive(More)
A review of some theories of sex identification in relation to self-concept was attempted. A self-concept scale (Semantic differential) was administered on 264 boys and 108 girls. The ages range between 15.5 and 17.0 years with a mean of 16.7 years. The subjects were all Nigerians. It was found that the boys had significantly (P less than 0.001) more(More)
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