Adeniyi A. Akintola

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Optimistic methods of concurrency control are gaining popularity. This is especially true with the resurgence of mobile and distributed databases during the last decade, which inherently rely on optimistic techniques to improve availability and performance of the distributed database systems. A key problem with optimistic techniques is that they do not(More)
One of the most prominent congestion avoidance schemes in the Internet architecture is the Random Early Detection (RED) algorithm. Several modifications and enhancements have been made to the original RED so as to make it more responsive to congestion avoidance at the gateways. In this paper, we introduced the Dynamic Random Early Detection (DRED) model,(More)
Existing mobility support models in cellular communications misinterpret mobility loss in cellular networks as congestion loss, thus it degrades the performance by invoking unnecessary congestion control action. In this paper, we investigated the performance of Double Buffer Technique (DBT) model for mobility support in wireless IP networks. The DBT model(More)
The pervasiveness and the seemingly unpopular nature of unidirectional data transfer has greatly necessitated the efforts of this paper. We investigated the performance of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) over IP-based wireline and wireless networks. The conceptual model was developed and tested using Network Simulator 2(NS2) and its bevaviour was monitored(More)
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