Adenekan Dedeke

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The Internet has become an important resource for information. The Internet presents information through web pages and hyperlinks. However, this mode of presentation is not always useful for every purpose. Internet searches are designed to locate and to present information more effectively. The efficiency and usefulness of Internet searches are becoming(More)
The use of websites and web applications to advertise, inform and to execute business transactions has become a standard practice in our modern economy. Customers expect every form of organization that they interact with to develop a web presence. Newspaper organizations cannot afford to overlook this phenomenon for two reasons. First, these organizations(More)
advised all employees that the Executive Branch would begin a transition of its information technology resources into open standards. The intent of the plan was the standardization of the IT infrastructure and the improvement of interoperability across agencies. The Executive Office later extended the open standards policy to electronic documents. In the(More)
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