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The ability to use inexpensive, noninvasive sensors to accurately classify flying insects would have significant implications for entomological research, and allow for the development of many useful applications in vector control for both medical and agricultural entomology. Given this, the last sixty years have seen many research efforts on this task. To(More)
The construction of multipurpose constructed treatment wetlands for treating municipal wastewater, and providing much needed habitat for riparian and wetland species, has increased over the last few decades. The production of mosquitoes which can transmit pathogens of humans and companion animals is a potential drawback to utilizing these treatment(More)
Of the three native freshwater fish species (i.e., threespine stickleback, desert pupfish and arroyo chub) in southern California with a strong potential for consuming immature mosquitoes, the arroyo chub is the best candidate for integrated mosquito management programs in Orange County. At the present time, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife(More)
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