Aden Hodzic

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Pellets intended for oral dosing are frequently produced via extrusion/spheronization followed by drying. Typically, the last active process step, i.e., drying, is assumed to have little effect on the final dosage form properties (e.g., dissolution characteristics). Thus, there exist only a few studies of this subject. In the present study, calcium(More)
Crystallization of the drug entacapone from binary solvent mixtures was monitored in situ using a Raman optical probe. The recorded Raman spectra and statistical analysis, which included the principal components method and indirect hard modeling made it possible to estimate the starting point of crystallization, to assess crystallization temperatures and to(More)
The thermal and structural evolutions associated to active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) purity are monitored using a laboratory instrument (S3-MicroCaliX) allowing simultaneous time-resolved X-ray scattering at both wide and small angles (SWAXS) as a function of temperature. This is performed simultaneously with differential scanning calorimetric (DSC)(More)
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