Ademola K. Abiose

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Morphine has been extensively used in the treatment of pulmonary edema, and its action is believed to be mediated in part by its ability to produce peripheral venodilation. This study investigated whether opiates produce venodilation in human hand veins and explored the underlying mechanism(s). Fifteen healthy volunteers (11 men and four women) were studied(More)
Cigarette smoking has been shown to impair endothelium-dependent dilation in arteries. We tested the hypothesis that cigarette smoking also impairs endothelium-dependent venodilation and evaluated changes in this response after smoking cessation in a time-course study using the dorsal hand vein technique. Dose-response curves were constructed in smokers and(More)
BACKGROUND Agalsidase β is a form of enzyme replacement therapy for Fabry disease, a genetic disorder characterised by low α-galactosidase A activity, accumulation of glycosphingolipids and life-threatening cardiovascular, renal and cerebrovascular events. In clinical trials, agalsidase β cleared glycolipid deposits from endothelial cells within 6 months;(More)
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