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Epidemiological data on the prevalence of glaucoma are generally presented for populations described as "whites" or "blacks". "Black" populations appear to have a higher glaucoma preva lence than "white" populations. We describe a population-baseed survey for glaucoma in rural Northern Nigeria. A total of 1563 Hausa/Fulani individuals aged 5 years and(More)
OBJECTIVES These analyses were designed to determine the incidence of major cardiovascular (CV) events and the natural history of CV complications in patients with Fabry disease. BACKGROUND Fabry disease, a genetic disorder caused by deficiency of alpha-galactosidase A activity, is associated with CV dysfunction. METHODS Major CV events (myocardial(More)
During a field trial of ivermectin in Kaduna State, 6831 people age 5 years and above, living in 34 mesoendemic onchocercal communities in Kaduna State, northern Nigeria, were examined for ocular disease. Visual function assessments included tests of visual acuity and visual fields. A total of 185 individuals (2.7%) were bilaterally blind by acuity criteria(More)
Although onchocerciasis is one of the most important diseases of the skin and eye in the tropical world, to date there has been no formal consensus regarding the description and terminology of skin lesions. Furthermore, the contribution of cutaneous pathology to the morbidity and socio-economic effects of the disease has been largely neglected. We present a(More)
We have used a panel of MoAbs to investigate the phenotype of macrophages and other leucocytes infiltrating onchocercal nodules. Nodules were removed from individuals at the end of the second year of a community-based, placebo-controlled trial of annual ivermectin chemotherapy in northern Nigeria. No significant differences were seen in the distribution and(More)
BACKGROUND Traditionally, blindness surveys have modelled themselves on the "gold standard" of a census and examination of a whole population. Blindness, however, is a relatively rare condition even in badly affected communities; hence, large sample sizes are required to gain adequate estimates of prevalence, particularly by cause. METHODS Three(More)
The safety and efficacy of ivermectin in the prevention of blindness from onchocerciasis have been established in many studies that have addressed the drug's effects on the front of the eye. We undertook a study with sufficient statistical power to detect an effect on optic nerve disease (OND), probably the main cause of blindness in the disorder. The trial(More)
Reported are the results of a randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled trial of annual ivermectin dosing in 34 rural communities, Kaduna State, northern Nigeria, where guinea savanna onchocerciasis is mesoendemic. A total of 939 individuals underwent Friedmann field analysis at the first examination and saw at least 19 spots in at least one eye. Of(More)
One hundred four histologically proven malignant tumors of the eye and orbit in children seen in Guinness Eye Clinic, Kaduna, Nigeria between 1975 and 1982 are presented. Retinoblastoma and Burkitt's lymphoma account for the majority of the tumors. The data are compared with those from Ibadan, Nigeria. Burkitt's lymphoma occurs less frequently in Kaduna,(More)