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The nurse scheduling problem (NSP) is a combinatorial optimisation problem widely tackled in the literature. Recently, a new variant of this problem was proposed, called nurse scheduling problem with balanced preference satisfaction (NSPBPS). This paper further investigates this variant of the NSP as we propose a new algorithm to solve the problem and(More)
This paper tackles a Nurse Scheduling Problem which consists of generating work schedules for a set of nurses while considering their shift preferences and other requirements. The objective is to maximize the satisfaction of nurses’ preferences and minimize the violation of soft constraints. This paper presents a new deterministic heuristic algorithm,(More)
This paper tackles the nurse scheduling problem with balanced preference satisfaction which consists of generating an assignment of shifts to nurses over a given time horizon and ensuring that the satisfaction of nurses' personal preferences for shifts is as even as possible in order to ensure fairness. We propose a heuristic algorithm based on successive(More)
This paper proposes the algorithm based on the metaheuristic Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) called Ant-Line, which uses the line-oriented approach for the set covering problem, that is an innovative and emerging approach in the context, beyond the use of a local search. The algorithm is compared with other ACO-based approaches. The results obtained are(More)
A bio-inspired coordination strategy is improved aiming at reducing the time needed to mobile multiagent systems accomplish surveillance tasks. The original strategy is based on a modified version of the basic ant system algorithm. Only repulsive pheromone are considered in that version. The new strategy version uses other two kinds of pheromone, as well.(More)
The high school timetabling is a classical problem and has many combinatorial variations. It is NP-Complete and since the use of exact methods for this problem is restricted, heuristics are usually employed. This paper applies three Iterated Local Search (ILS) algorithms which includes two newly proposed neighborhood operators to heuristically solve a(More)
The bus driver scheduling problem (BDSP) under study consists in finding a set of duties that covers the bus schedule from a Brazilian public transportation bus company with the objective of minimizing the total cost. A deterministic 2-phase heuristic algorithm is proposed using multiple assignment problems that arise from a model based on a weighted(More)