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In this work we investigate the use of graphs for multi-document summarization. We adapt the traditional Relationship Map approach to the multi-document scenario and, in a hybrid approach, we consider adding CST (Cross-document Structure Theory) relations to this adapted model. We also investigate some measures derived from graphs and complex networks for(More)
Several data dissemination protocols in VANETs have been proposed in the literature, however, most of these protocols do not efficiently address broadcast storm and network partition problems simultaneously. This work attempts to fill this gap by proposing a suitable broadcast protocol in vehicular networks, designated GTO, that addresses both the broadcast(More)
Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) are an emerging technology that allows vehicles to form self-organized networks without the requirement of permanent infrastructure. VANETs have opened up a myriad of on the road applications and increased their potential by providing intelligent transport systems. The envisaged applications, as well as some inherent VANET(More)
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