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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the depth of cure, degree of conversion (DC), hardness, and cervical sealing ability of silorane-based composite (Filtek Silorane [FS; 3M, Seefeld, Germany]) and to compare with methacrylate-based composites (MBCs = Filtek Supreme XT [FSXT] and Filtek P60 [FP60]). MATERIALS AND METHODS The DC and(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of food-simulating liquids (FSL) on the hardness and flexural strength (FS) of a new silorane-based composite and to compare it with methacrylate-based composites (MBCs). Four restorative materials (Filtek Silorane, P60, Z250, and Supreme XT) were used. Specimens for the FS and hardness measurements(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal surface treatment is an important factor in repairing failed restorations. PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare the effect of different surface treatments in combination with bonding agents on the repair of an aged nano-filled resin composite. MATERIALS AND METHODS Resin composite disks (N = 180; Filtek Supreme XT, 3M(More)
INTRODUCTION This study measured the shear bond strength of conventional glass ionomer cements (GICs; Ketac Molar Easymix and Fuji IX) bonded to white mineral trioxide aggregate (WMTA) that had been allowed to set for 2 different time intervals. METHODS Forty-eight WMTA specimens were prepared; half were stored for 45 minutes, and the remaining 24(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the applicability of Demirjian and Nolla methods for northeastern Turkish population. MATERIAL AND METHOD A retrospective study was performed on panoramic radiographs of 673 subjects aged 5-15.9 years. The mean dental age (DA) according to the Demirjian and Nolla methods were compared to the mean chronological age (CA). RESULTS The(More)
Dental trauma with children and adolescents is a serious dental public health problem. Traumatic injuries on permanent teeth are common, and dramatic episodes can occur during childhood. Cases of dental avulsions and reimplantations, dentoalveolar fractures, several forms (lateral, extrusive and intrusive) of luxations, concussion, subluxation, gingival(More)
Trauma to the oral region occurs frequently, comprising 5% of all injuries. The most common dental injuries are lateral luxations which can be seen with a prevalence of up to 27% among dental injuries. Ectopic eruption of maxillary canines can lead to root resorption on maxillary lateral incisors especially on apical and middle thirds of the roots. Half of(More)
The presented case evaluates the treatment of an alveolar fracture associated with mandibular immature lower permanent incisors. An 8-year-old girl was referred to our clinic 3 hours after the trauma. The clinical and radiographic examination of the alveoler bone showed a fracture, along with the mandibular fracture and significant segment mobility and(More)
This study evaluated the differences in dental conditions and treatment modalities between disabled and non-cooperative healthy children under general anaesthesia. The data were collected from paediatric patients between 3 and 15 years of age who received dental treatment under general anaesthesia. Patients with at least one mental/physical disturbance(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigates preliminary investigations that a pre-emptive analgesia administration may reduce post-extraction pain. AIM This prospective, placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind trial was planned to compare the efficacy of the pre-emptive administration of ibuprofen, paracetamol, and placebo in reducing post-extraction pain in(More)