Adem Çiçek

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In this study, predictive modelling was performed for the cutting forces generated during the orthogonal turning of AISI 316L stainless steel. An artificial neural network (ANN) and a multiple regression analysis were utilised. The input parameters of the ANN model were the cutting speed, feed rate and coating type. In the model, tungsten carbide cutting(More)
In this study, a communication system with 10 Gbps data rate is designed and its performance is investigated by using OOK (On-Off Keying) modulation in the 240 GHz band. OOK Modulation is carried out in a relatively low frequency band and is transported to the targeted high frequency band. The frequency downconversion is achieved by multiplying the(More)
In this study, Layered Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Decoder algorithm in Error Correction Codes is implemented on FPGA. Firstly, Layered LDPC Decoder algorithm is designed with floating point in MATLAB, then fixed point model is developed. By testing Floating and Fixed point designs, transmitted information that is deformed by AWGN model is corrected by(More)
In this study, an approach based on artificial neural network (ANN) was proposed to predict the experimental cutting temperatures generated in orthogonal turning of AISI 316L stainless steel. Experimental and numerical analyses of the cutting forces were carried out to numerically obtain the cutting temperature. For this purpose, cutting tests were(More)
In this study, a part recognition based data base system as an interface between CAD and CAM has been designed. The CAD models can be recognized by the developed program, the CNC codes, and machining parameters of the recognized models can be stored in the computer in a proper format. The information required for machining on CNC machine tools is retrieved(More)
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