Adeline Silva

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In Software Engineering, reuse of artifacts is essential for high productivity. Different studies have shown that efficient reuse needs systematic planning and realization. <i>Variability Management</i> plays a key role in Software Product Line Engineering. We investigate code artifacts and variability models of a real-world <i>Software Product Line</i>(More)
The notion of <i>features</i> is commonly used to describe the functional and non-functional characteristics of a system. In software product line engineering, features often become the prime entities of software reuse and are used to distinguish the individual products of a product line. Properly decomposing a product line into features, and correctly(More)
Variability Management (VM) is a key practice in the development of variant-rich systems. Over the years, attention has been paid to VM approaches adopted by traditional software product lines. The increasing demand for dynamic and highly configurable systems, however, calls for a closer look at the approaches used to develop these systems. We therefore(More)
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