Adeline Leblanc

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Knowledge and competences capital of an organization is increasingly crucial. The organization survival depends mainly on its capacity to access new knowledge, to diffuse its competences quickly and to exploit and preserve its expertise fields efficiently and durably. Thus today, organizations are aware of the necessity to become learning organizations and(More)
Information and communication technologies have transformed the way people work and have a growing impact on long life learning. Organizational learning is an increasingly important area of research that concerns the way organizations learn and thus augment their competitive advantage, innovativeness, and effectiveness. Within the project MEMORAe2.0, we are(More)
In the current economic environment, to learn became the best means, for an organization, to be competitive in preserving knowledge and experiments of each collaborator and each team. This leads companies to reconsider their knowledge sharing, to anticipate their members’ training, while managing the changes induced by new practices. Such companies(More)