Adeline Darmon

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PURPOSE The aims were to: (1) compare peak oxygen uptake ([Formula: see text]peak) predicted from four standard equations to actual [Formula: see text]peak measured from a cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET) in obese patients with metabolic syndrome (MetS), and (2) develop a new equation to accurately estimate [Formula: see text]peak in obese women with(More)
Globally, almost all of the water is salty, with only 2.5% being freshwater. Two-thirds of this freshwater is stored in glaciers and permanent snow cover, while one-third consists of groundwater, which is more or less accessible. In 1995, consumption of water reached 2300 cu. km, most of which went to agriculture, industries, and municipalities. The(More)
We describe a compact, reliable, and high-average-power femtosecond x-ray source and its first application to diffraction on protein crystal. The setup relies on a homemade Ti: sapphire system delivering 12 mJ at a 1 kHz repetition rate, associated with a small vacuum chamber especially designed for laser-plasma interaction and x-ray applications. This(More)
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