Adeline Bourgeois

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RNA-binding proteins (RBP) contribute to gene regulation through post-transcriptional events. Despite the important roles demonstrated for several RBP in regulating skeletal myogenesis in vitro, very few RBP coding genes have been characterized during skeletal myogenesis in vertebrate embryo. In the present study we report that Rbm24, which encodes the(More)
Components of the limb musculoskeletal system have distinct mesoderm origins. Limb skeletal muscles originate from somites, while the skeleton and attachments (tendons and connective tissues) derive from limb lateral plate. Despite distinct mesoderm origins, the development of muscle, skeleton and attachments is highly coordinated both spatially and(More)
Tight regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation is required to ensure proper growth during development and post-natal life. The source and nature of signals regulating cell proliferation are not well identified in vivo. We investigated the specific pattern of proliferating cells in mouse limbs, using the Fluorescent ubiquitynation-based(More)
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