Adeline Angeli

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Family structure in the rural areas of the States of the Church in central Italy in the mid-nineteenth century is examined using data from a nominative census carried out in 1847. An analysis of family types using definitions proposed by Laslett is attempted for both lowland and mountain regions. An effort is also made to examine migration using data on(More)
Hepcidin regulates serum iron levels, and its dosage is used in differential diagnostic of iron-related pathologies. We used the data collected in the HEPMEN (named after HEPcidin during MENses) study to investigate the joint dynamics of serum hepcidin and iron during the menstrual cycle in healthy women. Ninety menstruating women were recruited after a(More)
"In the paper the hypothesis of differences in household incomes depending on the sex of the householder is investigated. The data come from the 1991 Bank of Italy Survey on Household Income....A multiple regression model has been formulated in order to appreciate the contribution of the householder's sex to the family and per-capita income differentials."(More)
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