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2 Um instrumento educativo O sucesso do iTunes está a fazer com que recentemente a Apple tenha começado a fazer testes junto de algumas universidades dos EUA com um serviço designado por " iTunes U " , permitindo oferecer aulas de professores em podcasts. Para Kathryn Bowser, uma estudante de biologia, de 19 anos, da Universidade Drexel em Filadélfia " nada(More)
Mobile learning, a natural extension of distance education, supported by wireless mobile technologies is an emerging pedagogical learning model which requires new forms of teaching and learning. Being aware of the importance of this standard, we held a series of educational experiments utilizing mobile devices such as mobile phones and MP3/MP4 players to(More)
The Short Message Service (SMS) technology is one of the most powerful mobile technologies in current usage. Most students own a mobile phone with free SMS which can be used for learning. In this paper we explain how we used SMS for teaching and learning languages (both native and foreign). The conducted experiment presented a range of opportunities for(More)
It is imperative to continue thinking and reinventing education because technologies and the Web are redefining where, when and from whom we learn. The motivation to learn can be awakened in students by creating playful environments capable of reconciling the knowledge acquisition in the classroom and practice learning. Authors from different study fields(More)
RESUMO Entre as plataformas virtuais mais poderosas para a educação encontra-se o Second Life, um mundo virtual semelhante ao Warcraft ou Sims, mas com mais interactividade e com numerosos dispositivos que podem tornar-se num recurso pedagógico a rentabilizar. Neste artigo descrevemos uma experiência de aprendizagem no Second Life através de uma WebQuest,(More)
Data collected from a study carried out in Portugal were analyzed to find habits and game preferences of students of various levels of the educational system. This paper aims to summarize the main conclusions regarding secondary school students. Based on these conclusions we outlined the game that is currently being developed in order to engage students in(More)
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