Adelina Alcorta-Garza

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Introduction A meaningful doctor-patient relationship is a key factor in medical practice and in the art of curing. In the past, several institutions have recommended the addition of humanistic education among medical doctors not only for enhancing the doctor-patient relationship, but also for improving the quality of medical care. In fact, an empathic(More)
CONTEXT Medical educators agree that empathy is essential for physicians' professionalism. The Health Professional Version of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy (JSE-HP) was developed in response to a need for a psychometrically sound instrument to measure empathy in the context of patient care. Although extensive support for its validity and reliability is(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify similarities and differences in empathy, abilities toward inter-professional collaboration, and lifelong medical learning, between Spanish and Latin-American physicians-in-training who start their posgraduate training in teaching hospitals in Spain. DESIGN Observational study using self-administered questionnaires. SETTINGS Five(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterise some of the environmental factors that are sensitive to cultural influence, and are involved in the development of medical empathy in Spanish and Latin American physicians-in-training. DESIGN Cross-sectional study using questionnaires. SETTING Primary care and specialized medicine centres of the Healthcare System of La Rioja,(More)
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