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For domains in which fitness is subjective or difficult to express formally, interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) is a natural choice. It is possible that a collaborative process combining feedback from multiple users can improve the quality and quantity of generated artifacts. Picbreeder, a large-scale online experiment in collaborative interactive(More)
This paper presents a benchmark study on fault diagnosis of electrohydraulic servoactuators (EHSA). EHSA are considered to be affected by faults and disturbances. The linear mathematical model of the EHSA is given. Two different design methods for fault diagnosis are studied. The first method considers the strategy of parity space design, and observer-based(More)
The evolution of explicitly represented topologies such as graphs involves devising methods for mutating, comparing and combining structures in meaningful ways and identifying and maintaining the necessary topological diversity. Research has been conducted in the area of the evolution of trees in genetic programming and of neural networks and some of these(More)
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