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Presynaptic terminals favor intermediate-conductance Ca(V)2.2 (N type) over high-conductance Ca(V)1 (L type) channels for single-channel, Ca(2+) nanodomain-triggered synaptic vesicle fusion. However, the standard Ca(V)1>Ca(V)2>Ca(V)3 conductance hierarchy is based on recordings using nonphysiological divalent ion concentrations. We found that, with(More)
In the developing nervous system, cell diversification depends on the ability of neural progenitor cells to divide asymmetrically to generate daughter cells that acquire different identities. While much work has recently focused on the mechanisms controlling self-renewing asymmetric divisions producing a differentiating daughter and a progenitor, little is(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated an age related decline in the size of the neural stem cell (NSC) pool and a decrease in neural progenitor cell proliferation, however, the mechanisms underlying these changes are unclear. In contrast to previous reports, we report that the numbers of NSCs is unchanged in the old age subependyma and the apparent loss is(More)
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