Adele Latina

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CONTEXT Levothyroxine monotherapy is the treatment of choice for hypothyroid patients because peripheral T4 to T3 conversion is believed to account for the overall tissue requirement for thyroid hormones. However, there are indirect evidences that this may not be the case in all patients. OBJECTIVE To evaluate in a large series of athyreotic patients(More)
Ten chronic undifferentiated schizophrenics, 6 men and 4 women, aged 28-63, with 6- to 31-year histories of the disease were given DDAVP to observe the effects of this neuropeptide on the prevalent negative symptoms of their illness. Patients were maintained on neuroleptic therapy and first given a 20-day course of placebo followed by 20 days of DDAVP i.m.,(More)
CONTEXT Medical centers worldwide report an increased frequency of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT) and thyroid cancer (TC), two environmentally influenced diseases. In Sicily, data on HT are available for the province of Messina (1975-2005); data on TC are available for the whole island (2002-2004), with the volcanic province of Catania having the highest(More)
The design luminosity for the future linear colliders is very demanding and challenging. Beam-based feedback systems will be required to achieve the necessary beam-beam stability and steer the two beams into collision. In particular we have studied the luminosity performance improvement by intra-train beam-based feedback systems for position and angle(More)
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