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Serotonin immunoreactivity in the nervous system of the free-swimming larvae and sessile adult females of Stephanoceros fimbriatus (Rotifera: Gnesiotrocha)
Unlike most rotifers (Rotifera), which are planktonic and direct developers, many gnesiotrochan rotifers (Monogononta: Gnesiotrocha) are sessile and have indirect development. Few details exist onExpand
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Ultrastructure of the rotifer integument: peculiarities of Sinantherina socialis (Monogononta: Gnesiotrocha)
The rotifer integument is a well-described syncytium that contains an apical intracytoplasmic lamina (ICL) that functions for both skeletal support and muscle insertion. To date, there is limitedExpand
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Musculature of the sessile rotifer Stephanoceros fimbriatus (Rotifera: Gnesiotrocha: Collothecaceae) with details on larval metamorphosis and development of the infundibulum
Abstract The sessile rotifer, Stephanoceros fimbriatus , is a member of the clade Collothecaceae (Monogononta: Gnesiotrocha) that includes species with indirect development and adults that lack aExpand
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When heads are not homologous: the coronae of larval and adult collothecid rotifers (Rotifera: Monogononta: Collothecaceae)
Rotifers are diverse and abundant aquatic micrometazoans that rely on their ciliated apical end (corona) for locomotion and feeding. In order Collothecaceae, which includes mostly sessile species,Expand
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