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The imagination and boldness of the mid-1970s Dynabook vision—and the accuracy with which Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg foretold, in the following essay, what notebook computing has become—is striking. This introduction was composed, after all, at a café, on a computer that fits in an overcoat pocket. Before Kay and Goldberg began to outline the visions in(More)
ing and software system architectures, making use of a programming language that supports dynamic object modeling and libraries of selected objects. The environment supports the ability to create, access, and explore curricula that emphasize individual and group software construction activities. LearningWorks is implemented as the composition of four(More)
Object-oriented technology offered yet another way to explicitly support, through languages and their tool environments, long discussed strategies to help structure large software systems. But object-oriented technologies of the 80s challenged the system builders of the 90s in profound ways: system structure would be more visible; team structure and(More)