Adele Faralli

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We report on the surface characterization, functionalization, and application of stable water suspensions of novel surface active maghemite nanoparticles (SAMNs), characterized by a diameter of 11 ± 2 nm and possessing peculiar colloidal properties and surface interactions. These features permitted the acquisition of titration curves and aqueous UV-vis(More)
A novel molecular beacon (a nanomachine) is constructed that can be actuated by a radio frequency (RF) field. The nanomachine consists of the following elements arranged in molecular beacon configuration: a gold nanoparticle that acts both as quencher for fluorescence and a localized heat source; one reporter fluorochrome, and; a piece of DNA as a hinge and(More)
Stable and low-cost multiplexed drug sensitivity assays using small volumes of cells or tissue are in demand for personalized medicine, including patient-specific combination chemotherapy. Spatially defined projected light photopolymerization of hydrogels with embedded active compounds is introduced as a flexible and cost-efficient method for producing(More)
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