Adele F Baleta

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"Dry sex" may aid in the transmission of HIV-1. Many women in southern Africa willingly insert herbal aphrodisiacs, household detergents, and antiseptics into their vaginas before sex to increase friction, despite the concurrent pain it will cause. Neetha Morar (Medical Research Council, Durban) states that the practice has been reported in many(More)
Mortality among people co-infected with HIV and tuberculosis could be halved if antiretroviral therapy (ART) and tuberculosis treatment were initiated at the same time, a South African study has shown. Up to 10 000 lives a year can be saved if co-infected patients start on ART earlier, says principal investigator Salim Abdool Kariem (Centre for the AIDS(More) Vol 374 September 5, 2009 771 He dashes, then swerves, the rubber of his wheelchair squeaking as it rolls over the gleaming linoleum fl oor. 14-year-old Aphiwe Velelwandle circles, comes in for the kill, breaks through doctor Karl Le Roux’s porous defence and snatches the basketball away to the cheers of the clinical team. It is diffi cult(More)