Adelaide Ippolito

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Health, as a primary and advanced need, can only be guaranteed through the appropriate management of dedicated resources. As in any situation where funds are limited, it is vital to have logical frameworks and tools to set up structures capable of making a complex system like the health service work. Only through an appropriate and competent activity of(More)
At the end of 2010, the Federico II University Hospital in Naples, Italy, initiated a series of discussions aimed at designing and applying a positioning matrix to its departments. This analysis was developed to create a tool able to extract meaningful information both to increase knowledge about individual departments and to inform the choices of general(More)
The paper analyses how customers of public health organizations can express their dissatisfaction for the services offered to them. The main aim is to evaluate the effects that possible dissatisfaction of Italian public health service customers can have on public health organizations. We adopted the methodological scheme developed by Hirschman with exit,(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to set out a methodological framework to investigate how the integration of an activity-based costing (ABC) logic into the pre-existent accounting system supports healthcare organizations in identifying the inefficiencies related to their diagnostic therapeutic pathways (DTP) and related reengineering interventions.(More)
Best care is not necessarily the most expensive, but the most appropriate, and prevention is the most powerful tool to promote health. A novel approach might envision the reduction of hospital admittance (thus meeting a requirement from long term condition patients: they would rather not being hospitalized!) and the enforcement of peripheral (both on the(More)
Adelaide Ippolito, PhD, consultant, Formez PA, Rome, Italy; Silvia Boni, Dr., head, Health Organization and Social Policy Unit, Formez PA, Rome; Ettore Cinque, professor of accounting, Second University of Naples, Italy, and former acting subcommissioner for health services, Campania Region, Italy; Annarita Greco, Dr., public servant, Health and Social(More)
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