Adelaide Figueiredo

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Cheyne-Stokes respiration is a form of periodic breathing in which central apneas and hypopneas alternate with periods of hyperventilation, producing a waxing and waning pattern of tidal volume. This review focuses on the causes and consequences of Cheyne-Stokes respiration in patients with congestive heart failure, in whom the prevalence is strikingly high(More)
UNLABELLED The use of nasopharyngoscopy during the application of intrathoracic pressure (Müller maneuver) is frequently employed to establish the site of upper airway obstruction. The Müller maneuver, however, is used when the patient is awake and therefore may not correlate with obstruction occurring during sleep. AIM To compare the degree of pharyngeal(More)
The von Mises-Fisher distribution is widely used for modeling directional data. In this paper we derive the discriminant rules based on this distribution to assign objects into pre-existing classes. We determine a distance between two von Mises-Fisher populations and we calculate estimates of the misclassification probabilities. We also analyse the behavior(More)
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