Adelaide Barnes

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Though previous data indicate a positive association between depression and coronary heart disease, the mechanisms mediating these associations remain unclear. These prospective analyses assessed the association between history of Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale depression and possible mediators of cardiovascular risk at Year 15 of(More)
It remains unresolved whether the medial temporal lobe activations found in recent neuroimaging studies are mediated by novelty detection alone, by specific kinds of encoding or consolidation operations, or both. This study attempted to see whether associative encoding or consolidation is sufficient to cause such activation by matching for novelty across(More)
The death of a neonatal infant following cardiac surgery and the transfusion of packed red cells (RBCs) with high plasma potassium levels is reported. The patient had been diagnosed at 2 weeks of age as having multiple cardiac malformations. During cardiopulmonary bypass surgery, multiple units of packed RBCs less than 5 days old were transfused. In(More)
OBJECTIVES Calcineurin inhibitors reduce experimental reperfusion injury in the liver, brain, heart, kidney, and small bowel. These studies were undertaken to determine whether these agents are similarly protective against lung ischemia-reperfusion injury. METHODS Left lungs of male rats were rendered ischemic for 90 minutes and reperfused for as long as(More)
Simulated abnormalities were introduced in a normal SPECT with known and controllable characteristics (abnormality size and depth) in an attempt to provide validation for the analysis of SPECT lesion studies using SPM. Two simulations were carried out. The first determined the minimum hypoperfusion depth detectable using SPM by altering mean local intensity(More)
Hemolysis of two- and nine-day-stored sedimented red blood cells (hematocrit 65%), infused by a constant-rate syringe delivery pump through a 25-gauge needle was investigated. Fifteen-ml aliquots of blood were pumped through the system at flow rates of 10.6, 20.5, and 70 ml/hour. Plasma-free hemoglobin and potassium were measured and compared to controls.(More)
A feeding trial involving four Thoroughbred race horses was undertaken to establish whether inclusion of grape seed extract (GSE) in the diet of horses undergoing mild exercise had any effects on their general health, intake and digestion. Supplementation with GSE had no effect on either feed or water intake of the horses and the supplement was readily(More)
Although latex agglutination assays have been used for some years to diagnose thrombotic disorders, only recently has it been possible to measure specifically the products of fibrin breakdown in the presence of fibrinogen degradation products, by using monoclonal antibodies. We have evaluated a preparation of latex particles coupled to the monoclonal(More)
We investigated whether SPET studies of neuroactivation might benefit from a similar approach used in PET; that is, increase the number of scans per task and accept poorer individual scan quality. Different study paradigms were simulated by varying the scanning parameters: (1) administered radiation activity per scan, (2) number of scans per task and (3)(More)
There is evidence for the involvement of the cingulate gyrus in schizophrenia. We present details of a Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) analysis of SPECT data from the largest study (N = 39) of drug naive schizophrenic patients. The main findings are that there is decreased perfusion in the anterior cingulate during verbal fluency when patients are(More)