Adelaida Hernández-García

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Our objective was to determine if the phycobiliproteins of Arthrospira (Spirulina) maxima protect renal cells against mercury-caused oxidative stress and cellular damage in the kidney. We used 40(More)
Our aim was to investigate if neonatal bilateral administration of lidocaine into the ventral hippocampus would cause behavioral changes related to schizophrenia. A neonatal ventral-hippocampal(More)
Cadmium and lead are persistent and ubiquitous metals that can cause several deleterious effects in living beings. Apoptosis and necrosis are two types of cell death that can be found after in vivo(More)
Learning analytics is the analysis of static and dynamic data extracted from virtual learning environments, in order to understand and optimize the learning process. Generally, this dynamic data is(More)