Adela Tow

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INTRODUCTION Spinal cord injury (SCI) often results in significant neurologic dysfunction and disability. An annual incidence of 15 to 40 traumatic SCI cases per million population has been reported worldwide, and a conservative estimate for Singapore would be 23 cases per million. With continued improvements in medical care, an increasing prevalence of SCI(More)
Due to the labor-intensiveness and the shortage of therapists in the application of most forms of manually assisted gait training in neuro-rehabilitation, robotics rehabilitation gait systems have been developed to contribute in such fields of neuro-rehabilitation. This paper presents an overground gait rehabilitation robot, which consists of a pair of(More)
In order to identify optimal rehabilitation strategies for spinal cord injury (SCI) participants, assessment of impaired walking is required to detect, monitor and quantify movement disorders. In the proposed assessment, ten healthy and seven SCI participants were recruited to perform an over-ground walking test at slow walking speeds. SCI participants were(More)
The alien hand sign refers to a group of signs which include a feeling that the hand is foreign together with autonomous activity, as if the hand is driven by an external agent. These features are commonly associated with frontal and callosal lesions. We report the alien hand sign in a man with left medial cortical infarct, presenting with autonomous(More)
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