Adela Gabriela Mihai

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B.Y. Chen [3] established a sharp inequality for the warping function of a warped product submanifold in a Riemannian space form in terms of the squared mean curvature. For a survey on warped product submanifolds we refer to [4]. In [8], we established a similar relationship between the warping function f (intrinsic structure) and the squared mean curvature(More)
We deal with a CR-submanifold M of a para-Kählerian manifold M, which carries a J-skew-symmetric vector field X. It is shown that X defines a global Hamiltonian of the symplectic form Ω on M and JX is a relative infinitesimal automorphism of Ω. Other geometric properties are given. 1. Introduction. CR-submanifolds M of some pseudo-Riemannian manifolds M(More)
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