Adela Gabriela Mihai

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OBJECTIVE To assess the cost effectiveness of using carboxymethylcellulose dressing (CMCD; Aquacel Hydrofiber) compared to gauze in the management of exuding venous leg ulcers in Germany and the USA. DESIGN AND SETTING This was a modelling study performed from the perspective of payers (i.e. the sickness funds in Germany and the community sector in the(More)
B.Y. Chen [3] established a sharp inequality for the warping function of a warped product submanifold in a Riemannian space form in terms of the squared mean curvature. For a survey on warped product submanifolds we refer to [4]. In [8], we established a similar relationship between the warping function f (intrinsic structure) and the squared mean curvature(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the resource implications of using strong opioids in patients with advanced cancer in the UK, based on naturalistic practice, in order to develop the evidence base supporting better management. DESIGN AND SETTING A modelling study performed from the perspective of the UK's National Health Service (NHS). Study participants and(More)
We deal with a CR-submanifold M of a para-Kählerian manifold M, which carries a J-skew-symmetric vector field X. It is shown that X defines a global Hamiltonian of the symplectic form Ω on M and JX is a relative infinitesimal automorphism of Ω. Other geometric properties are given. 1. Introduction. CR-submanifolds M of some pseudo-Riemannian manifolds M(More)
We consider a skew symetric conformal vector field on a closed concircular almost contact manifold M and find its properties. Also, for a CR-product submanifold M ′ of M , the mean curvature vector field of the invariant submanifold and the flatness of the antiinvariant submanifold are studied, under the assumption that M ′ admits a skew symmetric Killing(More)
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