Adela C. Timmons

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The timing (spacing) of assessments is an important component of longitudinal research. The purpose of the present study is to determine methods of timing the collection of longitudinal data that provide better parameter recovery in mixed effects nonlinear growth modeling. A simulation study was conducted, varying function type, as well as the number of(More)
Using daily diary data, this study examined cross-day associations between family conflict and school problems and tested mediating effects of daily negative mood and moderating effects of psychological symptoms. For 2 weeks, parents and adolescents (N = 106; Mage = 15.4) reported daily conflict; adolescents reported daily negative mood and school problems.(More)
Do partners' levels of physiological arousal become linked in close relationships? The term physiological linkage describes covariation between people in their moment-to-moment physiological states. The current review presents a conceptual framework to guide research on linkage in romantic relationships and discusses the potential implications of being(More)
By monitoring human behavior unobtrusively, mobile sensing technologies have the potential to improve our daily lives. Initial results from a field study demonstrate that such passive technologies can detect a complex psychological state in an uncontrolled, real-life environment. In the web extra at, guest editor Katarzyna Wac(More)
The co-variation degree between individuals in their physiological signals can reveal insights about the quality of their interaction as well as their personal characteristics. In an effort to capture the amount of synchrony between Electrodermal Activity (EDA) streams occurring in parallel during dyadic interactions, we propose Sparse EDA Synchrony Measure(More)
Negative emotional arousal during conflict has been related to negative outcomes in romantic relationships and degraded quality of family life. Despite its extensive study in psychology, it is still challenging to quantify emotional arousal in a meaningful way with objective indices beyond traditionally-used self-reported scores. We examine the association(More)
Well-being and mental health are directly associated with relationship status particularly in the context of relatedness and support. A key factor in relationship functioning is emotional arousal. We examine the interplay between emotional arousal manifested through acoustic and physiological cues and its association to relationship satisfaction. We propose(More)
Children who grow up in aggressive households are at risk of having problems with physiological regulation, but researchers have not investigated physiology as a mechanism in the intergenerational transmission of aggression. In this article, we posit that physiological regulation, particularly during stressful interpersonal interactions, may shed light on(More)
PURPOSE To assess short-term effects of daily worries on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity and later implications for adolescents' health symptoms. We hypothesized that heightened worry would be associated with stronger next-morning cortisol awakening response (CAR) to prepare the body for the demands of the upcoming day. Guided by biological(More)