Adel Sarmiento

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Micropolar fluids are a subclass of simple microfluids presented by Eringen [1, 2], that have gained attention from researchers because they are expected to succesfully model the behavior of non-Newtonian fluids like ferro liquids, liquid polymers, and any fluid with suspended particles in it. One of many applications is to model nanofluids, where inserting(More)
We present the deterministic transport properties of driven overdamped particles in a simple piecewise-linear ratchet potential. We consider the effects on the stationary current due to local spatial asymmetry, time asymmetry in the driving force, and we include the possibility of a global spatial asymmetry. We present an extremely simple scheme for(More)
Micropolar fluids are a generalization of the Navier-Stokes equations of classical hydrody-namics [1, 2]. Taking into account effects of microstructures at the continuum scale, we discretize the system of equations coming from the conservation laws. We use divergence-conforming B-spline spaces for the discrete velocity-pressure fields pair, guaranteeing the(More)
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