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Minicolumns are thought to be the smallest cortical modules within the hierarchical organization of the isocortex. Several reports suggest alterations in minicolumnar morphometry may be involved in psychiatric disorders such as autism, dyslexia, and schizophrenia. Thus far anatomical studies of minicolumns have primarily relied on measurements of pyramidal(More)
The world is experiencing an evolution of Smart Cities. These emerge from innovations in information technology that, while they create new economic and social opportunities, pose challenges to our security and expectations of privacy. Humans are already interconnected via smart phones and gadgets. Smart energy meters, security devices and smart appliances(More)
We present a technique that enhances computer-assisted decision (CAD) systems with the ability to assess the reliability of each individual decision they make. Reliability assessment is achieved by measuring the accuracy of a CAD system with known cases similar to the one in question. The proposed technique analyzes the feature space neighborhood of the(More)
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