Adel S. Abduljabbar

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Keywords: Academic self-concept Dimensional comparison theory Social comparison theory Frame of reference effects CFA/SEM A B S T R A C T In a comprehensive study (15,356 Dutch 9th grade students from 651 classes in 95 schools) we empirically tested the dimensional comparison theory (DCT) propositions formulated by Möller & Marsh (2013) as an extension of(More)
A 30-day incubation experiment was conducted using a heavy metal-contaminated mined soil amended with date palm feedstock (FS) and its derivative biochars (BCs) at three pyrolysis temperatures of 300 (BC-300), 500 (BC-500), and 700 °C (BC-700) with different application rates (0.0, 5, 15, and 30 g kg-1) to investigate their short-term effects on soil(More)
Almost every teacher assigns homework to students. Teachers, parents as well as students believe that this activity-which should be done in non-school hours-enhances achievement. The amount of time students spend doing homework has been the focus of national surveys and international comparisons. According to Kackar , Shumow, Schmidt & Grzetichage (2011)(More)
Engineered organo-mineral composites were synthesized from date palm waste biochar and silica or zeolite via mechanochemical treatments. Date palm tree rachis (leaves) waste biomass was pre-treated with silica or zeolite minerals via ball milling and sonication prior to pyrolysis at 600 °C. The resultant organo-mineral composites and pristine materials were(More)
We investigated the removal of aqueous glyphosate using woody (dendro) biochar obtained as a waste by product from bioenergy industry. Equilibrium isotherms and kinetics data were obtained by adsorption experiments. Glyphosate adsorption was strongly pH dependent occurring maximum in the pH range of 5-6. The protonated amino moiety of the glyphosate(More)
The temporal ordering of depression, aggression, and victimization has important implications for theory, policy, and practice. For a representative sample of high school students (Grades 7-10; N = 3,793) who completed the same psychometrically strong, multiitem scales 6 times over a 2-year period, there were reciprocal effects between relational-aggression(More)
Bio-calcite (BC) derived from waste hen eggshell was subjected to thermal treatments (calcined bio-calcite (CBC)). The BC and CBC were further modified via magnesiothermal treatments to produce modified bio-calcite (MBC) and modified calcined bio-calcite (MCBC), respectively, and evaluated as a novel green sorbent for P removal from aqueous solutions in the(More)
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