Adel M. Sharaf

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The paper presents a novel effective electric energy conservation device for power quality enhancement as well as damping switching-load transients. The modulated power filter and switched capacitor compensator device (MPFC-green plug) is developed by for the 3 phase, 4 wire utilization loads. A novel tri loop dynamic error driven switching controller is(More)
During the last two decades, renewable wind energy has become increasingly popular as a consequence of strong ecological concerns and appealing advantages with regard to economical energy solutions in remote communities. Furthermore, with very large wind farms emerging, the dispersed renewable wind energy is required to be fully connected to the electrical(More)
In this paper, a novel UHS distance protection scheme for EHV transmission line protection using wavelet transforms is presented. In particular, the deficiencies associated with the already proposed UHS distance protection schemes has been investigated and a novel solution is presented. The fault distance is estimated from the travelling waves directly(More)
– There is an increasing interest in renewable and green energy sources and the integration of Distributed Generation DG into the power grid system. The problem of optimal capacitor allocation in electric distribution systems involves maximizing energy utilization, feeder loss reduction, and power factor correction. The feeder loss can be separated into two(More)
The paper presents a novel dynamic maximum photovoltaic (PV) power tracking controller using an error driven, error scaled nonlinear self adjusting control (SAC) block for the switching of the four-quadrant PWM converter driving the PMDC motor. The novel dynamic controller utilizes reference speed trajectory tracking with supplementary current limiting loop(More)
Renewable energy sources have the ability to provide electric power in rural areas whenever available. Although it is cheap, clean and abundant, the variation of output power with the variation of wind speed can cause significant power quality issues, especially in the case of a standalone generation system. This paper studies a network presenting a rural(More)
— The paper presents the novel application of Particle Swarm optimization PSO for the optimal tuning of PID controller for high performance permanent magnet PMDC industrial motor drives. This will smooth the starting torque; enhance acceleration and dynamic tracking of the reference speed. The permanent magnet PMDC motor drive is fed from a 3-phase AC(More)
This paper presents a novel FACTS based Static Switched Filter Compensation (SSFC) scheme. This FACTS SSFC scheme is an effective power quality mitigation, voltage stabilization, power losses reduction and power factor enhancement tool for wind schemes interfaced with Smart Grid-Distribution Networks. The FACTS SSFC-device is controlled by two regulators(More)
Wind energy schemes have the potential to substantially reduce the consumption of fossil fuels used in the production of electric energy. The self-excited induction generator has found renewed interest as a low maintenance wind generator for standalone and grid integrated applications. This paper will present a full analytical model of the dynamic response(More)