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—In this paper, we present an effective method for human action recognition using statistical models based on optical flow orientations. We compute a distribution mixture over motion orientations at each spatial location of the video sequence. The set of estimated distributions constitutes the direction model, which is used as a mid-level feature for the(More)
The determination of the visual field for several persons in a scene is an important problem with many applications in human behavior understanding for security and customized marketing. One such application, addressed in this paper, is to catch the visual field of persons in a scene. We obtained the head pose in the image sequence manually in order to(More)
In this paper, we present an unconstrained visual gaze estimation system. The proposed method extracts the visual field of view of a person looking at a target scene in order to estimate the approximate location of interest (visual gaze). The novelty of the system is the joint use of head pose and eye location information to fine tune the visual gaze(More)