Adel H Al-Abdulrazzaq

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Lupus vulgaris (LV) is a rare form of cutaneous mycobacterial infection in children. Most cases follow hematogenous or lymphatic seeding, and more rarely from exposure to bacillus Calmette- Guérin (BCG) vaccine. We report a child that received BCG vaccination and developed LV 2 months later.
BACKGROUND Current vitiligo therapies require many months of treatment and often result in disappointing outcomes. Treatment with a 308-nm excimer laser has shown promising results in patients with vitiligo. OBJECTIVE This controlled prospective trial studied the effectiveness of the 308-nm excimer laser for treating vitiligo in Asians. METHODS(More)
The metastasis of a visceral malignancy to the umbilicus is known as "Sister Mary Joseph's nodule". It is a rare clinical sign indicating advanced, metastasizing intraabdominal cancer. We report a 50-year-old man who developed metastatic skin cancer in the form of semicircular indurated plaque on top of which was a firm mobile rounded nodule at the(More)
An 8-year-old boy presented with a widespread cutaneous eruption featuring macules, papules, nodules, and ulcers. The histologic infiltrate showed T lymphoblasts, but there was no sign of systemic involvement, so aleukemic leukemia cutis was diagnosed. Two months later, he developed leukemia in peripheral blood and bone marrow that was characterized as(More)
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