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Big Data applications need a situation aware computing model to manage data, knowledge, and processes in an ever increasing amount, complexity, and speed while reacting as efficiently and timely as possible to any evolving situation. We introduce a Knowledge Intensive Data-processing System (KIDS) that empowers Big Data applications to support situation(More)
John Boyd recognized in the 1960's the importance of situation awareness for military operations and introduced the notion of the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act). Today we realize that many applications have to deal with situation awareness: Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, patient care, power(More)
The rigid schemas of classical relational databases help users in specifying queries and inform the storage organization of data. However, the advantages of schemas come at a high upfront cost through schema and ETL process design. In this work, we propose a new paradigm where the database system takes a more active role in schema development and data(More)
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