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In this paper, we studied the parallelization of an exact method to solve the job shop scheduling problem with blocking JSB. We used a modeling based on graph theory exploiting the alternative graphs. We have proposed an original parallelization technique for performing a parallel computation in the various branches of the search tree. This technique is(More)
In this paper, we propose three approaches to accelerate the B&B execution time using Multi and Manycore systems to solve the NP-hard Blocking Job Shop Scheduling problem (BJSS). The first approach is based on Master/Worker paradigm where the workers independently explore the branches sent by the master. The second approach is a node-based(More)
Branch and bound algorithm (B&B) is a well known technique for solving optimally combinatorial optimization problems. Nevertheless, these algorithms remain inefficient when dealing with large instances. This paper deals with the blocking job shop scheduling (BJSS) problem, which is a version of classical job shop scheduling problem with no intermediate(More)
The blocking job shop scheduling problem (BJSS) is a version of the classical job shop scheduling with no intermediate buffer between machines. It is known to be NP-hard in the strong sense. The major drawbacks of the previous works are the huge time needed to explore the search space and the low ratio of feasible to explored solutions when applying(More)
Companies and other organizations such as hospitals seek more and more to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing in terms of storage space and computing power. However, outsourced data must be encrypted in order to be protected against possible attacks. Therefore, traditional information retrieval systems (IRS) are no longer effective and must be adapted in(More)
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