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Understanding travel behaviour and travel demand is of constant importance to transportation communities and agencies in every country. Nowadays, attempts have been made to automatically infer transportation modes from positional data, such as the data collected by using GPS devices so that the cost in time and budget of conventional travel diary survey(More)
Travel diaries are considered to be a very important source of information that benefits major applications such as travel behaviour analysis. They have also been proven to be a burden on users to maintain and recall exact details, as well as being slow, expensive and time consuming. However, the rise of Geoweb 2.0, crowd sourcing and user-generated content(More)
Twenty-seven udder wounds in lactating goats and ewes were treated and closed with synthetic tissue adhesive. Twenty-four healed by primary intention (89%), two wounds were partially healed by primary intention and partially by second intention and a wound failed to heal and developed milk fistula. In general, non suture closure of skin wounds using tissue(More)
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